Print probs with AS400 & SNA server

Print probs with AS400 & SNA server

Post by .D.E » Wed, 14 Jan 1998 04:00:00

I have a user that when submitting a large job for output from our
AS400 box can't delete the print job when it produces output. Example:
A user submits a large job to the AS400. The AS400 when finished the
request sends the print job to the printer. The user notices that it's
the wrong job and tries to delete the job from the printer. The user
gets the message: You do not have the proper authority to delete this
job. COntact your administrator.

I did some testing and noticed that when the job comes back to the SNA
server from the AS400, SNA server uses the SNA SERVICE as the user who
is submitting the print job to the SNA server, not the original user.
The only person who has rights to stop this job is the Admin. Is there
anyway to have SNA server submit the finished AS400 print job in the
name of the user who originally submitted the job?


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I've tried to connect a server running NT & Sna Server 3 by a 5150 IBM
Twinax Board.
First, I had troubles setting the right IRQ and ADDRESS, next, after
setting the sysval
Qautocfg to 1 and let free the address for the card, the AS/400 reconize
the adapter 5150, sna server become active, but isn't possible to start
5250 applet; the error is "not found host system" or similar. To the as/400
side, the wrkcfgsts shown the device created as "active" but no job exist
on wrkactjob.The O.S. version of AS/400 is V2r2
and the year of construction of the board is 1991.
Please help me to understand if the problem is in O.S. (older) or in board
(older too)
the mess to V3r7 is too expensive.
Anyway, someone can indicate me a gateway DOS product (with dos
server-gateway, and dos clients, whith dos emulation program) cheaper then
Thanks in advance
Roberto Morgia

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