book, faq and compiler

book, faq and compiler

Post by Barbara Morri » Wed, 14 Aug 2002 06:07:32

> Hi,

> I would like to learn some RPG ( 3 or 4 ). I can't find an E-Book about RPG
> or AS400, did someone can give me a link? If not, can you tell me which book
> may be usefull?

> I can't find a FAQ for the this newsgroup? Where can i find it?

> Did Linux have a compiler for RPG? I can't buy an AS400, but a coworker, who
> work in France, use the AS400. Because he have a lot to do, I can't send him
> those file and ask him to test the software. I live in Montreal, i won't
> take the plane either.

Robert, there are some internet sites that offer access to an AS/400.  I
don't know anything about it, but I've seen this site mentioned  Maybe there are more sites like it.

I don't think there is a FAQ for this newsgroup.  There is a FAQ here for the http:/
mailing lists, but it doesn't really represent the truly most frequently
asked questions.  I don't think most of the questions would be relevant
to a beginner.

There's a free online book, maybe not really an e-book though: the ILE
RPG Programmer's Guide
(It's the IBM manual.)  It's not organized like a textbook, but it might
be useful.  Here's the Reference manual:

For books, try going here
and enter RPG in the search.  You can read reader-reviews for all the
RPG books listed there.

Barbara Morris


book, faq and compiler

Post by sd » Wed, 14 Aug 2002 08:37:57


I'll buy one of these book and i'll signup at netshare400.
It will be the best for what i need.


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