dtaq address

dtaq address

Post by roma.. » Wed, 31 Oct 2001 10:15:35

is there a way in an rpg program to get the address of a dtaq? thanx
for the help

dtaq address

Post by Nj?l Fisketj? » Thu, 01 Nov 2001 03:35:36

>is there a way in an rpg program to get the address of a dtaq? thanx
>for the help

What do you mean by address? A system pointer? In that case, use the
Resolve System Pointer system built-in ILE function.

Nj?l Fisketj?n, FIGU DATA AS


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I am sending mail just fine on my AS/400 9404-500 V3R7 but I can't get the
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I'm using Outlook with the Internet mail service installed as a client.  I also
tried the windows messaging client that comes with Win95 and Lotus Mail that
came with V3R7 but they all work the same.  Deliver mail fine, just no address
book.  I can send if I type the address like I entered it in the directory on
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Please help.  Want to get rid of my MSMail 3.5 servers and use the computers
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