How to backup ROBOT/SAVE

How to backup ROBOT/SAVE

Post by Victor Zha » Thu, 17 Jul 2003 20:26:09

Hello all,
Our envirnment is OS/400 V4.3,using ROBOT/SAVE V5.0,and would like to
know what is the proper procedure to backup/restore all ROBOT/SAVE
After reading ROBOT/SAVE User's guide, I know that library RBSDTALIB
is saved automatically onto the last tape after a regular save is
completed,but how about other ROBOT/SAVE libraries,and how to restore
them when disaster happens?
I am  new to ROBOT/SAVE,so please explain as clearly as possible.

Thanks in advacne


1. Robot Save DUPVOLSET

I am looking for a former DMS user or anyone who has had to duplicate a
volset ( multiple labels in a rotation set in a silo)

Robot systems has nothing to match the DMS dupvolset, has anyone
scripted out a cl or rexx routine to accomplish this task.

IBM save tools has a copytape or duptap command but I must extract the
labels used then mout the from tape mount the to tape and run the
command, even with cl and rexx there are over 75-150 tales that we have
to do daily...

Any suggestions?

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