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We are running OS400 3.7 and IBM Client Access.  All was fine with data
transfer between MAPICS XA1 and IBM CA but now that we have gone to MAPICS XA2
the file transfer results in garbeled fields. Numeric fields appear to
translate correctly but alpha-numeric characters are not transferring properly.
 The query runs fine on screen and to printer but not to file.  Anyone have any

1. CA & dos & IBM PCI adapter


We have the new IBM PCI Tokenring adapter
It works well under Win'95
Under DOS with the IBM Lanclient I can work with a 3.12 server
I can also get a AS400 connection with PCS/CA
but when I use shared folders  the PC hangs
when i use a AS400 connection and 3.12 at the same time
and i go back from F: to  C:  ( C: +enter ) the PC reboots.
Who knows the problem and solution

Arie van Vinken

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