Client Access and NT

Client Access and NT

Post by Jason Hanse » Wed, 18 Nov 1998 04:00:00

Don't know if you have gotten an answer yet, so here goes.  On NT, you
need to be logged into NT with a userid that has Administrator
priveleges to affect the configuration.

Jason Hansen

> I have been using CA V3R1M3 for awhile now with Win95 and it's been
> working just fine.  On my first installation on Win NT Check Version
> keeps coming up when I connect to the AS/400 tellling me what service
> pack I am using.  I selected the "Never" on Check Service Level but it
> stills comes up with this annoying box that I have to clear.

> Any suggestions on how to get rid of this error?  I'm at the latest
> service pack level.
> Thanks
> David Patterson