SNA Print Server

SNA Print Server

Post by Phantom Li » Fri, 23 Jun 2000 04:00:00

We're using an SNA Print Server and I was wondering if there would be
any hidden consequences to removing Macintosh Services and Netware
Protocols.  We don't use either as far as I know but I'm just
concerned if there's something that's not so obvious now that would
come back and slap us in the face if we removed these items.

Thanks in advance.


1. SNA Print Server

I have a problem with a print session that is printing two copies of
each AS400 document.  If I send a source file to the printer I not
only get two copies, I get two copies of page 1, then two copies of
page 2, then two copies of page 3, and so on.  

The problem started just after we hit the year 2000 and it's only on
the one printer.  We have over twenty other printer sessions none of
which are showing this problem.

Does anybody have any suggestions?  

Thank you.

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