B35 to Black Box

B35 to Black Box

Post by Johan Tungstr » Thu, 14 Dec 1995 04:00:00

:>My first quarter project will be moving our system over from our B35 (V2R3)
:>onto a new 2131 (black box).  I would like to have some idea of what is involved
:>in this, can anyone expand on my idea?  I figure it should go like this
:>Get black box into computer room
:>move one terminal and one printer over to the black box
:>Move over software, users, devices and the like
:> (probally from a full system backup of the B35???)
:>Test and make sure software runs right -
:>Once tested, move current (changed) data over to the new machine
:>move terminals and communications
:>Go live on new box.  
:>Now I'm guessing that I can do all this during production hours
:>excpet backup the B35 and the actuall move over - which should just
:> be the night data backup and moving some cables, so I should be
:> able to do that in just a few hours.
:>Am I fooling myself?

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I think you have some more questions to deal with.
What are the changes between V2R3 to V3R0M5 and then to V3R1.
Both of these changes will affect you and also the changes between V3R1 and

What you describe is just some major steps.
some more questions:

Are all your software supported???
Do you have soureccode for all your software???
Have you run the Upgrade Assist Program???
Do you know of the restrictions of restoring into a V3R6 machine???

When you put your order to IBM you shoul order it as if you would
do an "Side by Side-upgrade" so you wont get all SW preloaded.

This just what I could figure out for now!!

Good luck  //  Johan


B35 to Black Box

Post by Dave Caldwel » Fri, 15 Dec 1995 04:00:00


You will avoid many, many, many headaches if you upgrade your B35 to V3
FIRST.  I moved from a V2R3 to V3 (white box to black box). we THOUGHT we
would save time my just doing a save and restore.  Well, it was a nightmare,
we overlayed IBM program product libraries, ended up "re-installing" V3 on
the black box and had many other headaches.  With other conversions/upgrades,
(I am a consultant that does this a lot) I have upgrade to "old" box to V3
 and then did the save/restore.  Much easier, much quicker, less problems.

Good Luck
Dave Caldwell


B35 to Black Box

Post by Bree » Sat, 16 Dec 1995 04:00:00

WE moved from V2R3 on B60 to V3R1 on 310 with very little trouble over a
weekend (well, saturday anyway).  need to be careful when moving device
descriptions.  we had problems with resource conflicts on all our old
twinax WSC descriptions and had to redescribe all of our terminals.  Also
ended up having to reconfigure the black box due to adding resource names
from the B60.  I think theres something in the instructions for the
migration that tells you what to do to avoid this problem (We were in a
rush one day.).  Fortunatley this was all weeks before the actual move so
we had time to reset everything.

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