Error in updating to AS/400 via OLE DB

Error in updating to AS/400 via OLE DB

Post by Be » Wed, 27 Jun 2001 17:03:58


I was trying to updating a table in AS/400 via OLE DB, and came up
with the following message in the OLE DB error log :

Cause . . . . . :   Error type 4 occurred converting from client CCSID
950 to server CCSID 937. The error types and there meanings are: ....
...... 4 -- Conversion results in data truncation. ........... ...
....   Recovery  . . . :   The error was caused trying to convert
either by a parameter value or data supplied by the client.  Determine
which item is in error and either change the CCSID or the data to
correct the problem.

Anybody has similar experience?  Could it be the problem of the PTF
level of the AS/400 (V3R6M0) ???  Thanx!



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I've just upgraded our AS/400 to V5R2 and installed the new Client Access
V5R2 with the latest Server Pack SI06631.

When I try and connect to the AS/400 using VB with the OLE DB provider I get
a Run Time connection error:

 '-2147467259 (80004005)'
Method 'Open' of object '_Connection' failed.

The first thing I thought of doing was running a trace to see if there was
any more information on what was going on, but when I try and run a trace I
get the following error:

cwbzztrc +t +l
Unable to load MRI DLL D:\Program Files\IBM\Client
 GetLastError() returned 126

I do not have the DLL in question anywhere on my PC and can find no
reference to this DLL on either the IBM website or Google.

I now have the situation where none of our VB apps run and I can't even get
any trace info to find out whats going on.

Does anyone have any idea on either of these errors ?


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