MySQL Server - shutdown

MySQL Server - shutdown

Post by Sheni R. Meledat » Sun, 15 Feb 2004 14:36:49


We are using MySQL database on a FreeBSD server. The problem we are facing
is sometimes the MySQL server is automatically shutting down. There is no
error logged on the server. The entry in the log file "" shows:
040213 11:28:59  /usr/local/mysql-3.23.49/libexec/mysqld: Normal shutdown
040213 11:29:04  /usr/local/mysql-3.23.49/libexec/mysqld: Shutdown Complete

This happened more than once in the last 2 months. Can anybody help me to
fix this problem on the server.

Sheni R Meledath

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1. Why would MySQL server shutdown?

What would cause the MySQL server to just shutdown, apparently on its own?

This server is running on a Linux (RH 7.3) (Dell) box with 512mb RAM and a
SCSI RAID array. The MySQL version is 3.23.53, installed from RPM's. The
RPM's were downloaded from a MySQL mirror (did not install the versions on
the RH CD). The installation was done with RH's GUI and is a straight server
install (not a custom).

When the server was installed, the server started as one would expect and we
gave root a password then ran a set of scripts to create and populate some

The server ran for about 7 days, then abruptly shutdown. A check of the log
(/var/log/mysqld.log) indicated it was simply a shutdown, and we could find
no further information. The tech restarted the box (he works with Windoze a
lot), thinking mysql would restart. It did not.

At first, I thought there may be a runaway cronjob (the first shutdown was
about 24 hrs after one of the students tried to setup a cronjob do a
database backup with a shell script he had written), but that doesn't seem
to be the case.

He uninstalled MySQL with the RH Package Manager, then re-installed the same
RPM set. It came up normally, he set a root password, and
recreated/populated the databases. It ran fine for about 5 days, then
shutdown again, and would not start on a restart. Again, no error messages,
no evidence of an unclean shutdown, no ???

Again, we removed/reinstalled, it came up and is running fine.

Needless to say, this is driving us nuts. Any suggestions or ideas will be
most welcome.

Gerald Jensen

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