MySQL/MyODBC and IMail

MySQL/MyODBC and IMail

Post by A. Clause » Sat, 15 Sep 2001 07:08:04

Has anyone had any experience using Mysql via MyODBC with Ipswitch's IMail mail server?

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1. imail and mysql

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I'm trying to get ipswitch imail running on a Win2k machine look towards =
a linux machine running mysql.  imail's normal communication method is =
through ODBC to either Access or MSSQL db.  I downloading and installed =
myodbc put the dsn configuration box just keeps coming up.  myodbc is =
configured for our SQL server, but it just keeps popping that window up =
(I'm guessing its not able to connect to the server for some reason).

Anyone have experience at this?  I saw several posts on other website of =
people using Imail and mysql together, but they are just success stories =
with no real information I can use to help me fix my problem

Robert Staph, W3RCS
The Center for Advanced Technologies


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