Syntax for queries based on ranges

Syntax for queries based on ranges

Post by Andrew Lietz » Tue, 28 Sep 2004 23:19:51

I want to create a SELECT statement to retrieve records within a
range.   Here is what I have so far:
For all records that start with "A" in field HH_ID.

SELECT * FROM `Z_HH_Prototype` WHERE `HH_ID` like '%A_____%'  -- This
returns all records that begin with "A", followed by 5 other characters
no matter what they are (91 records in this case).  I'd like to be able
to use something like BETWEEN, but it appears that I don't understand
how this comparison operator works.

SELECT * FROM `Z_HH_Prototype` WHERE `HH_ID` BETWEEN '%A_____%' and
'%B_____%' returns 0 rows, as does this statement

SELECT * FROM `Z_HH_Prototype` WHERE `HH_ID` > '%A_____%' and <
'%B_____%' (yields a SQL syntax error) as does SELECT * FROM
`Z_HH_Prototype` WHERE `HH_ID` > 'A_____' AND < 'B_____'

Obviously, I don't understand how to retrieve a range of records.  
Help!!! Incidentally, I know that the field HH_ID only has six characters.

Andrew L.

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1. Unique Constraint Based on Date Range

I'm looking to apply a unique constraint to a table such that field A
must be unique based on the date range from Field B to Field C.

This is for a rate based service model whereby, for example, $5 is worth
1 hour of Internet access.   But next week, because of increased
competition, $5 is worth 2 hours of Internet access.  I want to maintain
a history what $5 bought during a specific period of time.

create table rates (
    effective_date AS timestamp,
    expiry_date AS timestamp,
    cost AS numeric (12,2),
     access_time AS integer  (in minutes)

So for a given cost, there may not be a record where the effective date
of one record overlaps the expiry date of another (and vice versa).

Example record set (effective date, expiry date, cost, access_time):

2003-01-01 | 2003-01-15 | 5.00 | 60
2003-01-15 |  infinity | 5.00 | 120
2003-01-01 | infinity | 1.00 | 10

An attempt to insert another 5.00 rate effective now would fail, because
a 5.00 rate exists that doesn't expire (i.e. the expiry date would have
to be updated to the effective date of the new record minus 1 second).

I can enforce this from the front end, but a db constraint would be great.

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