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Greetings to You,

I am sorry to use this medium to contact you as we have never meet before, my name is (Mr. Habbib Al-Hassan), I am the only son of Mohamed Al-Hassan, a government contractor in Libya.

I was studying law at the University before the political crisis in my country which unfortunately it claimed the life of my beloved ones and living me in this frustrating / painful condition.

Please listen to this and try to keep it to yourself only. Before the death of my father he deposited some money in a bank in Accra-Ghana without any next of kin, the amount is US$ 3.8m (three million eight hundred thousand United States dollars) with 15 kilos of gold bar. I have the deposit slip of the fund and the death certificate of my father here with me.

After the death of my father I traveled to Ghana with all the documents concerning the funds with the death certificate of my father, when I get to the bank I meet with the bank manager and tender all the documents to him, the bank manager examined all the documents and confirm that the deposit is still in tight waiting for the beneficiary.

They told me that I cannot make direct claim because my name is not in the paper as the next of kin, the bank manager advised me to go and look for a foreign beneficiary who can stand for me as my late father business partner so that the fund can be release.

I am contacting and pledging with you to come and stand as my late fathers business partner so that the bank can release the funds to us.
I want you to tell me how many % that you will like to take from the total amount.

I await your swift reply.
Mr. Habbib Al- Hassan.
Phone: +233549577221


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Hi all,

I have used the following script to connect our remote database from my local
machine. The PHP script is at my local machine.

When I tried to connect the database, instead of connecting to the IP provided
in the script, it is searching the Dynamic IP of my Internet Service Provider.
and getting the following error.

Script in my local machine is :

or die ("cannot connect to mysqld");
or die("cannot select database");

The IP is the IP provided by my Web space provider.

The error message is,

(Using password: YES) in c:\apache\htdocs\depots\temp\bomy\connect.php on line

(Using password: YES) inc:\apache\htdocs\depots\temp\bombay\connect.php on line
cannot connect to mysqld

The IP is the Dynamic IP of my Internet Service Provider.

Please help me to sort out the problem.



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