The Case Against Using the Microsoft .NET Framework in the MySQL Win32 Port

The Case Against Using the Microsoft .NET Framework in the MySQL Win32 Port

Post by Octavian Rasnit » Tue, 19 Nov 2002 21:08:39

Are you talking about

7. Most part of its interface is not accessible for the people with
dissabilities like Visual Studio 6.

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Subject: The Case Against Using the Microsoft .NET Framework in the MySQL
Win32 Port

1. Immature, unproven and unfinished technology platform
2. Restrictive platform licensing
3. Unknown security implications due to closed source,
shifting APIs and nonresponsive provider
4. Proprietary partially-published systems APIs
5. Provider's history of capriciously redefining APIs,
licensing and even industry standards to quash competition
6. Support implications of "remotely update-able" systems software

Not as exhaustively presented, but I'll bet far more convincing.

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1. MySQL now working with VS.Net RTM using ODBC.Net RC beta

Folks, there is an ODBC.Net Release Candidate Beta that works just fine with the release-to-master (RTM) version of Visual Studio.Net at the following URL:

They have renamed the namespace for this to Microsoft.Data.ODBC (from System.Data.ODBC) so you need to realize that or your previous ODBC.Net programs won't work.

For you novice folks (and those who like examples) here is a litte code from a module that sets up a DataAdapter that works just great with this. Be sure that under References in your solution explorer window that you have added a referece to Microsoft.Data.ODBC....

I always set up a module with code and declarations I want to use through the project...

Imports Microsoft.Data  'This must be at the very top

Module GlobalRoutines

  ' Define MySQL Database Data Adapter, Connection and Command Builder

  Public daMySql As Odbc.OdbcDataAdapter = New Odbc.OdbcDataAdapter()
  Public ConnectMySql As String = "Driver={mySQL};Server=localhost;Port=3306;Option=147992;Stmt=;Database=shows;Uid=user;Pwd=password;"
  Public cnMySql As New Odbc.OdbcConnection(ConnectMySql)
  Public daMySqlCB As Odbc.OdbcCommandBuilder

End Module

Here's code that actually does a query using these objects. :

Function DoQuery(ByVal strSQLCommand As String, ByRef DataSetToFill As DataSet, ByVal TableName As String)

  ' Code for ODBC datatype
  daMySql.SelectCommand = New Odbc.OdbcCommand(strSQLCommand, cnMySql)
  daMySql.Fill(DataSetToFill, TableName)
  daMySqlCB = New Odbc.OdbcCommandBuilder(daMySql)

End Function


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