Local Host vs ISP Host Name In Connect Command

Local Host vs ISP Host Name In Connect Command

Post by AMEV.. » Tue, 26 Aug 2003 04:31:09

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I'm new to MySql and I'm having a problem figuring out how to configure my
Connect command so I can test on my PC and upload scripts to my ISP without
constantly changing the Connect command to reflect the applicable host. I use
LocalHost on my machine and then change it to my ISP's IP on their network before
uploading the scripts. I'm sure there's something I'm missing in the manual
about setting up Grants. I'd appreciate if someone could help me.




1. How to connect from local Windows 95 computer to remote shared Linux host server?

It seems dat a lot of people have this problem and I have seen a lot of
discussions about it. But I'm still struggling after 30 hours of trials and
nothing works.

In have installed the latest version of Mysql for Windows and MyOBDC. I can
create and manage databases on my local computer.
From my service provider I received a login, password and a data base name.
But it seems that Mysql only accepts local hosts and users.

This is the data I got from my service provider are my data:

user: foodnews.be
host: foodnews.be
password: xxx
data base: information

This is the set up of ODBS32:

Windows name: information
MSQL host: foodnews.be
MSQL data base: information
User: foodnews.be
password: xxx

If I type: mysql -h foodnews.be -u foodnews.be -p;
and then enter the password I don't get a connection. I always get the

(error 1045). Apparently it's creating a new user. This is when I connect
with the cable.
I also have a dial-up connection and the the user will become

that of my local computer. I know you should grant permissions etc. but then
you first have to be able to connect to the data base server. If I conect
with :
mysql -h -u admin -p; ( is IP address of
dial-up connection but this change with every dial-up) and admin is the user
I created with "Grant permission....", then everything works, but then I'm
still on my local computer.

So someone please help?
How can I connect to my data base on my remote shared host server?

Best regards,
Erik Augustijns

Please check "http://www.mysql.com/Manual_chapter/manual_toc.html" before

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