A Special Message from Nikola Tesla

A Special Message from Nikola Tesla

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Nikola  Tesla recently asked us to send you information on the Eat Blue Meal Plan.  The Eat Blue Meal Plan is a prepaid card that works at over 25 of Ann Arbor's best restaurants.  With our program, you will enjoy great food and exclusive cardholder discounts, and Nikola  Tesla will receive a $20 referral bonus when you sign up.  Please visit our web site for more information on how to enroll and make sure to enter Nikola  Tesla's name in the promo code box when you sign up so they receive credit for the referral.


Happy Dining,
The Eat Blue Meal Plan
(877) 688 9069

A special message from Nikola  Tesla:

Discover_this_FREE_electricity_by_Nikola_Tesla>>http://nikolatesla.net.tc<<Please_Click_The_Link_Here   Discover_how_to_tap_into_5_Megawatt_hours_of_FREE_radiant_energy>>http://nikolatesla.net.tc<<Please_Click_The_Link_Here   After_nearly_90_years_of_suppression_is_now_come_out_in_the_open>>http://nikolatesla.net.tc<<Please_Click_The_Link_Here


1. Message: Notes Error: impossible to find the special object of the database (basename.nsf)

Hi, All

Need your help.

The mechanism  of documents search is created with saving
result of inquiry. The code:

Sub SearchDocs(Byval Template As String)
     Dim ss As New NotesSession
     Dim db As NotesDatabase
     Dim dc As NotesDocumentCollection
     Dim result As NotesNewsletter
     Dim doc As NotesDocument

     Set db=ss.CurrentDatabase
     Set dc=db.FTSearch(Template,0)
     Set result=New NotesNewsletter(dc)
     Set doc = result.FormatMsgWithDoclinks(db)
     doc.Form = "fSearchReport"
     doc.Subject="Search result. Query- ("+Template+")."
     Call doc.Save(True,False)
End Sub

under  execution, on string
  Set doc = result. FormatMsgWithDoclinks (db)
appears the message "Notes Error: impossible to find the special object
of the database (basename.nsf)"
If anybody met with such problem, please help.

Server: 4.6.6a - international, WinNT 4.0, sp4
Client: 4.6.2 - russian, WinNT 4.0, sp5

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Before you buy.

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