ODBC connection to IMAIL on W2K

ODBC connection to IMAIL on W2K

Post by earll » Thu, 03 Oct 2002 01:21:55

I am attempting to use a mysql database for authentication on an IMail
server v7.11. I can access the MySQL database using MySQLAdmin or from
command line with no problem but when I try and connect with the Imail

all. Has anyone had experience with this or know what to do to make
work? Have tried various combinations of usernames/passwords or not,
have tried the MyODBC drivers from MySQL, Have tried the Imail custom
odbc from dpzone, tried all manners of grants, etc., all to no avail.
Thanks for any help offered



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We want to access ORA 8.1.7 Server with MS-ACCESS on W2K via ODBC.

But I don't like to do the huge client installation (a lot of machines).
What is the minimum really needed for such an installation.
I don't need an documentation installed etc.
Of course I need the the ODBC Driver, but what else do I need ?
tsnames file etc ?

Thanks for any hint

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