just for a home; backplane StarFabric, PICMG, what?

just for a home; backplane StarFabric, PICMG, what?

Post by Glen Bradle » Tue, 28 May 2002 17:45:18


I am interested in researching the application of distributed computing
to home and home office networking.  Specifically, I am wondering about
wireless distributed computing; and the various protocols such as
StarFabric 'pci-base' and the PICMG 'packet-base' backplanes.  My focus
is on home networking and home automation.

Mostly I am curious about market momentum towards consumer appliances
that mesh into the distributed computing fabric.  I am about to embark
on offering to install distributed computing backplanes in homes and
home offices where the customer wants networking and automation work;
and I will need to know about consumer products currently available, on
the way, as well as currently supported protocols and so on.

For instance, should I support just PICMG; or should I have the customer
spend the extra money to get multiple backplanes each of different
protocols; in order to ensure future device compatability with any  
backplanes installed today?

Any help is appreciated, even just to point me towards the right
resources.  Thanks. 8-)


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