How much are Epson Stylus Pro /Canon BJC-610 in the U.S. ?

How much are Epson Stylus Pro /Canon BJC-610 in the U.S. ?

Post by Oberle_cadc » Thu, 22 Feb 1996 04:00:00


I would like to know the prices in the U.S. for CANON BJC 610 and EPSON Stylus color pro. I remember, the Epson has dropped about 200 $ some weeks ago. In Germany there is a big difference: 900 DM Canon and 1200 DM Epson. Perhaps the price may drop here too ?

Thanks for your information

Hans-Dieter Oberle


How much are Epson Stylus Pro /Canon BJC-610 in the U.S. ?

Post by Louis Jaff » Sun, 25 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Epson Stylus Pro is approximately $600 at U.S. discount stores and
mail order dealers.   LJ


How much are Epson Stylus Pro /Canon BJC-610 in the U.S. ?

Post by Anthony Levero » Mon, 26 Feb 1996 04:00:00

To add to Louis' post, you can get the Canon BJC610 most everywhere for $549.
Price/Costco has the Canon for $479



1. EPSON Stylus Pro vs. Canon BJC-610 which is better, need Info !

Hi ! I need a new printer and I'm not sure, whether I should buy
the EPSON Stylus Pro or the Canon BJC-610.

What I need is a printer, that

- has separate b/w and color cartridges

- can print black using the black cartridge even when printing
  color pictures

- is well supported by ghostscript 3.51, because I'll need to run
  the printer on a FreeBSD system, as well, using my fine printer
  filter apsfilter, which does automatic file type detection and
  conversion. So I want to make a color PS printer out of it using
  gs the PS Emulator ;-))

- is supported by Win95 and Windows NT 3.5.1 or comes with drivers
  for that OS's

- is not so expensive when operating (color consumption)

- can print high resolution (720x720) on normal paper

- has an internal power supply, that can really be turned off

- can be upgraded with an Ethernet Interface (low demand, just a
  funny option).

- is mechanically robust and reliable

- hasn't the problem, that the cartridges dry out, if you don't
  use the printer every day. It should be no problem to let the
  printer turned off for 3 weeks.

- has a fast parallel interface (bi-directional).

Hope you can give me some informations ... thanks a lot.

        Andreas ///


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