FS: Pre Refurbishing Sale

FS: Pre Refurbishing Sale

Post by redchil » Fri, 30 May 1997 04:00:00

90% of the printers and computers we refurbish WORK before they're
refurbished. The following list of "PRE" Refurbished equipment may be
purchased now before they'te plugged in, refurbished and sold for 3 to 4
times more money. Remember, these units haven't even been plugged in (by
us) so there's no way of telling if they work - or don't work. 90% odds
they will work is pretty good odds.

1. 1ea Apple Imagewriter printer $29
2. 1ea Apple Imagewriter II printer $29
3. 1ea Apple 9 pin dot matrix printer $19
4. 5ea IBM 9 pin dot matrix printers $15
5. 1ea Fujitso 9 pin dot matrix printer $15
6. 1ea Texas Instruments 9 pin dot matrix printer $15
7. 3ea Panasonic Wide Carriage 24 pin dot matrix printers $25
8. 1ea Panasonic  Mod 1180, 9 pin dot matrix printer
        (NEW IN BOX) $49
9. 5ea Macintosh Mac II (ONLY case, 68020 cpu, 2 floppy drives w/cables,
        power supply) $39
10. 1ea Macintosh Mac IICX (ONLY case, 68030 cpu, 2 floppy drives
        w/cables, power supply) $69
11. 1ea HP LaserJet (works!) $49
12. 2ea Apple LaserWriter Plus (work!) $49

When responding, please include your mailing address so I can determine
shipping costs. Thank you.

NOTE: This "PRE" refurbishing sale expires June 5, 1997 and all items
are subject to prior sale. Thank you.

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