Using HP 5P with Windows NT 3.51?

Using HP 5P with Windows NT 3.51?

Post by R.P. van der Bu » Mon, 20 May 1996 04:00:00


Does any one know if there is software for the HP 5P laser printer
which runs with Windows NT 3.51?

So far I found a driver on the Windows NT 4.0 beta version, but it
does not support bidirectional communication between computer and
printer. Therefor it is not possible to use all the printer funtions.
The font manager cannot be used eighter.

HP supplies software for MS-DOS and MS-Windows 3.x with their 5P laser
printer. The software uses bidirectional communication between
computer and printer which gives full printer control including
determine printer configuration (amount of memory, fonts, etc.) and
the printer status. But this software cannot be used with NT since NT
does not allow bidirectional comunication via the printer port.

HP told they don't make software for their printer, Microsoft does
that for them. But Microsoft wants to be paid for an answer (you have
to have a contract with them first), even for a simple yes or no if
you ask them if they have the proper software for the printer.

Maybe some one has some usefull information???

Thanks in advance!



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