Japanese printer used with English WinNT

Japanese printer used with English WinNT

Post by John Youn » Sun, 07 Feb 1999 04:00:00

I live in Japan and want to buy a printer.  I've been looking at the Epson PM
series 670C, 750C, or 770C which they sell here in Japan.  You cannot buy any
of the Stylus series here.  I use English Win95/NT and would like to get
English drivers for the Japanese PM series printers.

Does anyone know which of the Stylus series are compatible with the Japanese
ones?  Would I be better to buy a printer in USA and have it shipped here?


John Young [email: jyoung at gol dot com]


1. any info on using Japanese Epson w/English Windows??

I'm considering purchase of an Epson 4000 (equivalent to the 2200 in the
US--2100 in Europe). Does anyone know if this printer will work with its
Japanese software on a computer running English Win 2K (with Japanese
language pack installed)? Even better--can this printer be used with the
2200 English software or will there be a problem because of the firmware?

any ideas, info, links appreciated.



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