Fonts files on CD from HP694C inkjet printer

Fonts files on CD from HP694C inkjet printer

Post by Bob Taylo » Tue, 25 Jul 2000 04:00:00

I found a bunch of files in a fonts subdirectory on the CD that came
with my HP694c inkjet printer. Are these *really* True Type fonts as
the .ttf extension implies? I would *love* to be able to use them on
my Linux boxes.





1. What printer/system for CD labels (inkjet/laser/dye-sub)?

I produce CD's for commercial sale in small batches as kind of a side
interest, usually between 100-200 at a time, between 3-6 times a year. I've
previously printed labels on the Neato system, using Tektronix colour
printers, both laser and dye-subl. types with excellent results. Now I'm at a
new place where I don't have access to such a printer, and am considering
buying my own. As I don't have a printer at home (at all), I though I might
try to find one I can use both for labelling and other tasks.

I was wondering what others use/recommend. Laser/dye-subl. seems rather
expensive (around 10x price of inkjet) as far as I've seen (not far), while
inkjet seems to have problems with humudity (f.x. the ink runs if a moist
finger touches the CD label...not good!) and printing series (i.e. 100 at a
run) doesn't seem to be the ink jets strongest side....

Hoping someone has some good advice for how they label their CD's, right now
I have an order of 80 CD's, and nowhere to print my labels!  :-(


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