Printing probs with Win 95

Printing probs with Win 95

Post by Ian Greenwoo » Sat, 31 May 1997 04:00:00

Hi all

I have a Seikosha Sp2000 which prints happily in DOS. The other day I
tried to print from Win 95 (for the 1st time in some months) and just
got garbage coming through.Was Ok last time I tried strangely.  Have
tried different (compatible) printer drivers from Win 95 CD and
totally re-installing Win 95 - no joy however.

On top of this,  I tried printing to a file using an HP III driver so
that I could print out on a friends, and only the top half of the file
was printed - anyone got any ideas please !


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Talked to HP who said "clean the cartridge (did that) and get a new
cable IEEE (did that)

This happened with our 660C and with my father's 690C - has anyone had
similar experience?

thanks in advance

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