HP laserjet 4 problem (win95 related / connected with serial cable)

HP laserjet 4 problem (win95 related / connected with serial cable)

Post by Matthew Bu » Sat, 31 May 1997 04:00:00

I am having trouble with my HP laserjet 4 printer....
i run win95, and i connect my computer to the laserjet
which is in the next room, with a 50-foot serial cable.
it's set up on com2.
anyway, the printer works fine in DOS for all my
applications, but in win95, the printer only works
for very short word-processing documents...in notepad
or other simple editors..

in all other applications--netscape, pagemaker, etc...
(anything substantial) the printer gives me an error22
message, which means "wrong pacing option may have
been selected for serial configurations".....
i have tried changing the settings in the printer
port win95 setup  (buffering speeds), but the problem

i would greatly appreciate ANY comments on this problem



1. How do I connect a HP LaserJet III via the serial port???

Hi there

Following a problem that I have with a parallel port scanner not working
with this printer, I thought that I'd try to connect it via the serial

However I have never done this before and am unsure how to configure it!

My system is P90, Windows 98.

Thanks for any help offered.

Sean D Reynolds
ICQ No: 27073603


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