IBM/Lexmark 4029 ...Help

IBM/Lexmark 4029 ...Help

Post by Bo Ra » Sat, 07 Feb 1998 04:00:00

I have an IBM 4029 laser printer that constantly jams.  I opened the cover
to look around inside and immediately saw the problem.  In the back right
corner was a broken blue piece of plastic where a spring had attached to
it.  I later learned this is the registration roller.  A local dealer
ordered me the replacement parts and said I should be able to replace them.
 I'm very mechanical however all this brittle plastic and no obvious means
of disassembly scares me somewhat.  Is there a service manual available or
can someone out there help me with a step by step guide on replacing these
parts?  Maybe this isn't a do it yourself type thing.



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I am looking for Windows NT 3.51 non-PostScript print drivers for a
Lexmark/IBM 4029.  The Lexmark web site only has PostScript driver for
Windows NT 3.51  They do have non-PostScript drive for almost everyother
operating system.

Thanks in advance

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