Which color printer? Panasonic KX-P2123, HP500C

Which color printer? Panasonic KX-P2123, HP500C

Post by Richard Shiel » Sat, 16 Jan 1993 03:06:54

I'm looking at several printers with color capability for home use.  The
KX-P2123 w/color is currently at the top of the list mostly due to the low
price but high quality dot matrix printing.  I'm curious about how well it
handles color.  The demo I saw didn't really bring out it's color capability.  
It basically printed characters with different colors.  Does anyone know how
well it handles printing graphs, charts, etc?

The other printer I'm looking at is the HP500C.  The demonstation I saw with
it printed a bar graph.  Looked real nice.  The reason the KX-P2123 is
higher on my list is due to the cost.  The HP500C is about $200 more and
I suspect the operating cost will be higher than that of the KX-P2123.  Is
that true?  Is the $200 dollars really worth the difference in color
quality?  Is there a lot of difference in the color quality.  


p.s.  One of the software packages that we will use with the printer is
Print Shop Deluxe for windows.  Given that, which printer would you choose.


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Thanks in advance.

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