How to make lpd printers use filters ?

How to make lpd printers use filters ?

Post by Dean Carpent » Fri, 17 Mar 1995 03:26:07

We have several HP printers here using their JetDirect cards for network
access.  Each printer has its own IP address, and the software to provide
basic LPD services.

I want to define /etc/printcap entries to access these remote printers and
to provide filtering *before* the job is sent over the wire.  A sample
entry is below :

# HP Laser jet 3Si Postscript output

Remember that the printer itself is providing the lpd services.  The only
problem is that as far as I know, no local filters will be used, but
rather the job will passed to the remote lpd, which is supposed to do
any necessary filtering.  hpps never gets called, either as an :of: or
as an :if:

Unfortunately, the HP Laserjet LPD on the JetDirect is just a spooler - no
provision for filtering.  So how can I do filtering locally and still send
the job directly to the printer ?  Basically, I want to process postscript
files with ghostscript->ljet3/pcl.

Thanks -



1. NEEDED: lpr/lpd filters for HP laserjet printers.

Hello everybody,

i would like to know if there is any anonymous ftp sites with lpr/lpd filters
for HP laserjet III, IIID, IIISi, or other stuff (e.g. filters, fonts etc) for
the above laser printers.

Thanks is advance

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