bar code printer

bar code printer

Post by Ellen L » Tue, 09 Jul 1996 04:00:00

hi all!

my company is soon implementing a visitor registration kiosk with use of
bar coding as part of the badges.   does anyone care to share any bar
coding 101 (since i am new to this), and/or recommend any companies with
regards to bar code equipment/software and kiosks?



1. Bar Code Printers

I am suffering for the last 2 months due to this...

I have a Japanese KS-Systems 8120 bar code printer (with 256 Flash
Memory)installed with PLC on a 232 port. It was functioning well till the
main board was replaced with a new one. Now whenever there is a command to
print it gives a message "Command Error". I do not have a English manual for
it ...what do I do ?
I have written a BASIC prog to send print commands to it but still the same
message ! Would appreciate if some one of you could let me know what could
be the solution.
Thanks and regards.


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