Are there better Linux driver/utilities for HP Desk Jet 660c

Are there better Linux driver/utilities for HP Desk Jet 660c

Post by Pete Ros » Sat, 19 Feb 2000 04:00:00

Are better drivers / utilities available for using HP Desk Jet 660C
with Linux?

I have 4 year old  660C .. using it with Linux with Ghostscript 3.33
and it generally works pretty well .. but I was never very impressed
with how it printed photographs.

A little while back I was using the printer with Windows 95 with the
latest HP drivers and was able to select the  "BEST" quality mode
and pictures look MUCH better than when they are printed with Linux.

Is there a way, under Linux, to select DRAFT vs. BEST modes, etc..
And do things like cartridge alignment, etc with Linux?


Pete Rossi - WA3NNA


1. HP Desk Jet 660c not printing

downloaded software for deskjet 660c from Hewlett Packard.  Installed just
fine.  Downloaded software because my printer was not printing and
error "Printer not installed correctly", align cartridge.  Tried to align
cartridge.  Test page came out ok to align cartridge.  second page would
not print and green light on printer flashes.  (Not resume light)  Tried
many solutions, evening opening cover and taking out cartridge.  Now after
I close the cover, the cartridge does not even move back to right
position. Also, green light does not stop flashing and I can't even turn
off printer from the on/off button.  I know it's not software because it
was working fine after I uninstalled all HP files and installed new
software.  I know it's my printer but I can't seem to fix problem.  Tried
all kinds of solutions downloaded from HP website.  Can anyone help me.  
I'm trying to see if it would be better to take to a technician to fix or
buy a whole new desk jet printer.

Any input would be wonderful.  Thanks for the earlier resonse, but the
solution regarding checking paper feed was not the problem.  

Thank you  Valerie

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