Query - buying inkjet compatible CDRs in Australia.

Query - buying inkjet compatible CDRs in Australia.

Post by eddie » Fri, 07 Feb 2003 20:53:58

   I fired up the cd printer in the 2100p for the first time last night. Garden
variety CDRs obviously aren't printable (I use G4 ink). I ask a shop assistant
about it and he didn't seem to know anything.
I bought some stick on labels which seems to defeat the purpose of being able
to print direct. Who makes CDs you can print on?

1. EPSON Buyback for New Zealand and Australia -- Australia says YES!

EPSON Australia reportedly has (and has had) a 100% satisfaction policy
in place and will buyback printers of those not happy with their

Therefore, they have not instituted an official buyback program but,
unsatisfied users are welcome to return their printers for a refund, as

This should clarify a great deal of uncertainty..

Earlier, I had information that was inaccurate, indicating that EPSON
Australia was NOT refunding unsatisfied customers..  That is now
corrected, and I apologize for any confusion the earlier news on this
may have caused...

KUDOS to EPSON Australia for their policy!

And shame on me for getting things all bollocksed up...


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