Japanese version of Epson printers 870 and 1270

Japanese version of Epson printers 870 and 1270

Post by Bob » Thu, 29 Jun 2000 04:00:00

Just back from Tokyo where  I found that new Epson printers like Stylus
870, 1270 are so popular as here in America. The 870 has the model no.
PM-800c and the 1270 as PM-3300c in Japan. The price? List price is
about 750 USD for PM-3300c and 550 for PM800c while actual sale price is

40% lower in famous Jinza.
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1. (Epson 1270/870) A suggestion for EPSON to deal with owners of the 1270/870

So, all that's left is for EPSON to "take care" of those who bought a printer
before Monday...

The potential damage to professional photographers and artists is more likely to
be SUBSTANTIAL, only more likely, not automatically so..  Obviously this was a
danger of targeting the pro market..

Accordingly, I would suggest a two-tiered strategy..

First, EPSON, continues, as a default,  its current process of re-imbursing
those with problems for their printers and consumables.

Second, in individual instances, to be judged by EPSON, and I would suggest
using proof that one is a Professional Photographer / Artist (PPA, ASMP,
membership, etc..  Tear-sheets, whatever), as a sufficient threshold in most
cases, yet still leaving other avenues to this second level open (such as proof
of extremely significant expenditures on consumables), I would extend the
buyback/refund, and combine it with a base discount on a 2000P, of say $200..
No-one who purchased an x70 after Monday would be so eligible (and no I don't
own one)  (Personally I would give the poster who said he was dying of cancer
and couldn't afford a 2000P, one outright in exchange for his 1270 - it  would
be a great source of goodwill, and good PR too.)

Part of the reason I strongly advocate such an approach even  given its
appearance of unfairness, is that the pros who had committed to the 1270 really
cannot afford to wait for the problem with the inks/glossy paper to be resolved
they are hurting everyday, and/or have already suffered damage to their

Beyond that, all EPSON can do is look for a long-term solution...

I look forward to comment from all sides on this!

Keith Krebs

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