LaserJet Differences

LaserJet Differences

Post by Gary Wit » Mon, 07 Mar 1994 07:30:00

Hi everyone!

Can anybody tell me the major differences between the original laserjet
and the LaserJet II, III, and IV, as far as printing under OS/2 or

It will be *much* appreciated!

         (o) (o)           Gary Witty

                   FIDO:   1:170/309


1. Smart switch problem - differences between HP LaserJet 4200 and HP LaserJet 4050?

I have been asked to re-connect a 'Smart Switch' so that two computers
can access a single printer (HP LaserJet 4200).  This Inmac 'Super
Signal' Parallel Smart Switch has until recently been used with three
computers accessing one printer (HP LaserJet 4050) with the same
cables and worked very well but it will not work with the new printer.
 The only initial difficulty I had with the old setup (HP LaserJet
4050} was finding out that the I/O option for 'Parallel High Speed'
had to  be switched to 'off'. The new printer has the same option, but
it still will not work.

What other differences might there be between the HP LaserJet 4050 and
4200 printers?  I would be extremely grateful for any suggestions with
this problem, as my employer is breathing down my neck and expecting
me to sort this problem out ASAP.

One computer is Windows 2000 and the other Windows XP, both can print
using the LaserJet 4200 when connected directly. It should be easy,
but it's not!

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