HP870Cxi - Excruciatingly slow printing via network

HP870Cxi - Excruciatingly slow printing via network

Post by Amaltal Fishing Compan » Fri, 28 Mar 1997 04:00:00


Has anyone got any ideas about this ... ?

In one room we have a P120 Workstation, complete with
16MB RAM, running W95 (950B).

In another room we have another identical PC, and the
two are networked (Win 95 Networking).

The first PC has an HP870 physically attached, and it
goes really well ... but when we access the printer from
the 2nd (and other) workstation(s) print jobs print,
but take something like 7 to 10 minutes per page ...
and that's just plain text!

We've down-loaded the latest driver (9.2), and spoken
with HP support.

Anyone got any ideas?

very much appreciated!

Many thanks,




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