epson stylus color pink lines

epson stylus color pink lines

Post by Zoogl » Fri, 01 Mar 2002 10:15:16

I have a problem... My epson makes pink lines across anything that is in
color.... I have tried: replacing ink cartridges, reinstalling drivers,
cleanin print heads, nozzle check, reallignment. All to no avail....
anything else that i could try?



1. pink lines through 1440dpi prints

 this is  a what done it rather than a who done it
I have been having rather allot of problems with my printers ,as of 2
 months ago ,and am wondering if anybody have any ideas on the matter.
  The  older Epson 1520 printer at times does all sorts of strange things
 at times , pink lines
through prints , mixing up the colours, "cover open " when it isn't  etc.
 ,Mostly the problems are when printing at 1440dpi, but the new PHOTO 750
 hardly works at all,and it headbangs as soon as it is turned on if it isn't
 going to work  , but was fine when sent back to the supplier in Limerick.I
 reinstalled the drivers , and the problem is on both computers at home
 They do work well sporadically , and the 1520 is fine at anything at
 720dpi and under,but the time slot that they will work is less and less .I
can only imagine something in the area has got going in the last three
 months that is causing this ,but what is it and what can I do about it? I
 live in a isolated cottage in the countryside ,on the end of the powerline.
I have tried the 1520 in another nearby place on another PC with no

   They do both work sometimes ,but very erratically , sometimes working
 sometimes not , they worked fine all one weekend then wouldn't from 4 every
 afternoon the next week, last  week it was a different pattern. The
 Electricity Supply Board is going to test our supply to see if it is
 or not. We did think about  one of those things that regulate  the supply ,
 (or a power filter ?)but they are really for temporary use rather than full
 time as far as I can see, If we grumble and get lucky  the "ESB"  might be
 able to sort it out for us. They are very strange gremlins in the PC, and I
 am trying to be philosophic and just get on with the printing when I can
 .But this week it has hardly worked at all ,and it is such a waste of ink
 trying to print and then finding pink lines etc. superimposed across the
   The only idea so far is that something is interfering intermittently and
 causing the problem , any ideas ? Epson are hopeless as they work elsewhere
 ,but not at home, they are not interested.
  This can not just of happened in this part of Kerry, someone out there
of experience something similar somewhere.
  The printing is part of my business ,so it is quite important to me


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