IBM 5182 Wide-Carriage Color Dot Matrix Printer -- Driver Request

IBM 5182 Wide-Carriage Color Dot Matrix Printer -- Driver Request

Post by a.c. birdso » Mon, 10 Oct 1994 06:47:08

I'm moving an IBM 5182 Personal color Printer from an OS/2 system to a  
Windows-based one. The driver I've been using I obtained from the CD (it was a rebuilt os/2 1.3 driver).

The Windoze driver for this printer ("IBM Color Printer") only supports  
8.5" page width. I'm looking for a driver that will support the full 14"  
of the 5182.

Anybody who has a working windows driver for this printer (or,  
alternatively, who has the source code for the os2 version) please notify  
me by e-mail:

Any other hints (such as 100% compatible drivers) will be greatly  




1. Best Wide-Carriage Dot Matrix??

I didn't even know they made 'em anymore, but they do.

I have one user with an Epson LQ-2550 which she finds quite unacceptable.
Too many jams, etc.  She has requested I try to find her a better
wide-carriage dot matrix printer.  I see that Oki and Epson still make them,
but I can't find much info on their reliability.  Anyone know anything on
this subject?


Jefferson Krogh
IS Manager
Kennerley Spratling, Inc.


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