Canon BJC 240 printer cable

Canon BJC 240 printer cable

Post by Phil » Thu, 18 Jan 2001 08:11:51

Does anyone know where I can buy a Canon BJC 240 printer cable in the UK?

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I am new to this newsgroup, and have never bought a printer before.  I
would appreciate some advice on buying one.  I bought a Canon BJC-600e
(floor model, but not previously owned) for $150.  I can return it
within the next two weeks if I would like.  How does this printer (which
is an old model isn't it?) compare to the BJC-240?  I am mainly
concerned with print quality, both black and white and color, not so
much with noise or speed.  Or, is there another printer you would
recommend which is in the same price range (less than $200).

Thanks for your help.

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