DisplayMaker by LaserMaster wide format printer

DisplayMaker by LaserMaster wide format printer

Post by Photo Associate » Sun, 15 Apr 2001 04:31:56

Hello, looking for any info on the last batch of drivers that were made for
the Display Maker Pro printers made by LaserMaster before they were bought
by Colorspan.  Anyone know of any places on the web were they could be
downloaded from, or maybe have copies they wouldn't mind putting on a disc
or sending in an email attachment?  The printer we have also came with a
PhotoScript 3000 RIP-station.  If anyone has copies or can point me to a
site where I could download drivers for it as well, I'd greatly appreciate
it.  Please note, I have searched using various search engines for these
drivers already and this is not simply me being lazy asking for you to do my
work for me.  I have hit a brick wall and can't seem to find what I'm
looking for.  Any help would be appreciated at all.  Thanks!

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