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Print Ink

Post by Paul W » Thu, 29 Aug 1996 04:00:00

The status monitor show me the black ink of epson stylus 500 was
remained 75% to use. I bought it yesterday and wonder the ink was
running so fast than I expect. Is the software really report the true
ink capacity ? (I printed about 30 pages.)


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i just got my first printer. i have a question about technical
first does print quality, a. draft b. medium, c. best,  only affect
THE SPEED something is printed, or does it affect the boldness, depth
and darkness of the print? i am talking only text printing, i don't
care about photo quality.

also doe the INK VOLUME setting affect how the draft mode or best will
look other that darkness?
i am trying to find a setting that i can live with that uses the least
amount of ink.
is it better to use draft with normal ink setting, or best print mode
with light ink settings? any ideas. i hate to waste 20 sheets trying
to figure out which is the most economical.

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