RAM Upgrade for MT-905

RAM Upgrade for MT-905

Post by Andrew Webst » Sat, 11 Feb 1995 21:49:33


I have a Mannesmann Tally (sp?) MT-905 laser printer, and it only has 512K of
RAM in it.  I would like to upgrade it to more, but this printer hasn't been
made in a while.  Does anyone know where to get a 1 or 2MB upgrade card for
this beast.

I'm also looking for a basket, drum, and toner dispenser for a second
MT-905 that is missing the above pieces.

Thank you!

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1. MT 905 prints light/okay after cleaning

I've been having a problem with an older Mannesmann Tally model 905 laser
printer.  After a couple hundred pages, long before the toner is empty,
pages start to print light.  If I empty all the toner out (refillable
type of cartridge) and clean it completely (including the roller), then
add new toner, it works perfectly!

Does toner get old?  I'm in Seattle, so static usually isn't a big
problem, but could it be some sort of static build up?  I don't know much
about printers.  I only paid $250 for this a couple of years ago with
under 1500 on the counter.  I don't want to spend more than half the
purchase price to bring it in for repairs, if I can help it.

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