FS: HP Printer Pal

FS: HP Printer Pal

Post by Michael Schust » Mon, 17 Jun 1996 04:00:00

HP LaserJet Printer Pal (C2971A)

Receive plain-paper fax on LaserJet (and high-end Deskjet) printers

Compatible with LJ 3/4/5 series, DJ 850/855/1200/1600

FaxWorks software for sending fax from PC (via serial port).




1. FS: HP Printer Pal

HP Printer Pal
Personal Plain Paper Fax Accessory
Adds plain paper FAX capability to:

DeskJet 500, 500C
DeskJet 510
DeskJet 520
DeskJet 540
DeskJet 550C
DeskJet 560, 560C
DeskJet 600, 600C
DeskJet 660C, 660Cse
DeskJet 680C
DeskJet 682C
DeskJet 690C
DeskJet 692C
DeskJet 693C
DeskJet 694C

Regularly $180 - Factory sealed $70 & $4.50 freight
in contiguous 48 states.

Marty Gasman


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