Slow print of HP694c on Network

Slow print of HP694c on Network

Post by Henning Jens » Wed, 28 May 1997 04:00:00

I have a problem on Win 3.11 network with my HP694c-printer.

When I am printing from the server-PC - no problem. But when I tried
to print from client-PC nothing is happened even after 1-2 hours!

I have install the printerdriver (v.9.01) as mentioned by HP, as "none
- LPT", and then later connected it though the control-panel in

The client-PC is a 386- 16 MHz mashine, but no errores is showed, so
what could be the problem?

The "Bar" is coming on the Toolbox-icon, but no black linie in it.



1. Slow Network Printing - HP P1100

Any one else able to confirm what I believe to be bugs in the HP
Photosmart P1100 drivers?

Works fine, fast, etc. from directly-connected machine.  Works like
frozen molassas from any workgroup network shared-printer connections,
taking literally forever to print.

Win98, or WinNT or whatever, as long as it's going over the network,
it's slow as a dog.  NT reports that the print priority is zero (out of
100), so it seems HP crippled for whatever reason, the drivers over the
network.  Other HP printers (890, original Photosmart, 855) have worked
fine in this environment.

Since the P1000 and HP 970 are essentially the same, have any 970 or
P1000 owners noticed the same?

Any comments would be most appreciated.


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