HP 855c Advice please.

HP 855c Advice please.

Post by BYROA » Sun, 01 Mar 1998 04:00:00

This is a common problem for Hp printers.  I have figured out a cure for this
that is simple enough for any one to do at home without taking the printer in
for repair.

 As it represents a lot of sweat and broken printers for me, I am asking $16.00
for the kit and instructions to fix this common problem. This includes priority
mail shipping to your address but requires prepayment via Postal money order or
certified bank check.


HP 855c Advice please.

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Try cleaning the feed rollers with a * rejuvinator product such as
* Renue from M.B. Chemicals.  If you open the cover and let the
cartridges move to the center, you can press the resume button to activate
the rollers.  Press it again to change the direction of rotation.  Hope
this helps.

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> Hello:

> I am having paper feed problems with this unit, specifically, it
> doesn't want to grab the paper and feed it through unless I "help" it
> along(although sometimes it will) This becoming more and more frequent
> and since it is long out of warranty, I would like some tips that I
> could try before I bring it in somewhere. I have not tried anything as
> of yet. Should I clean the feed rollers, and if so, with what kind of
> fluid?
> I know I can remove the paper tray, but how would I go about getting
> the rollers to rotate with no paper in it? Is there some sort of test
> mode with the HP deskjet utilities?(Version 9.01 I think).

> Any input appreciated.


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I am beyond frustration, but I will attempt to make this long story a
short one. :-)  

I have a blue and white G3, and I have an old HP 855C printer that I
want to use with it.  It is uses a serial connection, so I bought a
Keyspan Serial-USB converter.  When I first got the converter, the store
I bought it from had to do some sort of a "patch" to get it to work.  I
never did find out if the patch was for the HP printer or the Keyspan

Unfortunately I had to do a clean reinstall of the system software
because one of the system folders became corrupted, and the reinstall
wiped out the patch.  The person that helped me at the store is on
vacation, and nobody else knows what I'm talking about.

Has anyone out there used a Keyspan serial-USB converter with an HP
printer on a G3?  Did you have a problem like this, and what did you do
about it?  Any and all help will be greatly appreciated!  

Email or post is fine. :-)  I am going to cross post this to some other
groups as well.

Thank you,


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