color kit for panasonic kx-p2123

color kit for panasonic kx-p2123

Post by George Piri » Sun, 04 Apr 1999 04:00:00

TIA can anybody help in locating this kit for me

color kit for panasonic kx-p2123

Post by Amella Frédéri » Tue, 06 Apr 1999 04:00:00


I have this printer since 5 years i think

Sorry but i have buy the color kit for the panasonic kxp 2123 and it was a
big shit because i ve never see this kit working!!!!

The color will not the same as the creen!
Blus for red.....

Quote:> TIA can anybody help in locating this kit for me
> George


color kit for panasonic kx-p2123

Post by brya » Fri, 09 Apr 1999 04:00:00

> TIA can anybody help in locating this kit for me
> George

        I don't know if you'll be able to find that anywhere...When we got that
printer when it first came out it was impossible to find the color
part.  Then one day while cruising through Cosco we found the color kit,
and it cost about $70.  We bought it and were really disappointed.  The
output quality is really really bad.  You're better off buying even the
cheapest color inkjet you can find.



1. HELP: Panasonic KX-P2123 + Windows + Color

I'm starting to wonder whether to just write off Panasonic products...

I'm having major problems printing in color on my Panasonic KX-P2123 printer
using the PANASONIC SUPPLIED windows 3.1 printer drivers. Almost every time
I print I end up with one of the color passes being completely mis-registered
(sometimes by an inch, sometimes more) on random passes. There seems to be
some printer or driver problem. I've tried printing from Paintbrush,
Ami Pro, and more... all give similar results. This is making my color
printing impossible...

So I called Panasonic a month or so ago. They passed me to "advanced tech
support" where somebody said he'd seen it before and since I have ROM
version A, I needed a ROM upgrade.

The chip arrived in the mail last week (rattling around in a box...) and
I installed it and re-installed the color kit for a test... the ROM
showed Version B, and my test printouts turned out identically awful.

I've already tried every Panasonic printer driver for the KX-P2123 that was
ever uploaded to a BBS or CompuServe (including both MS and Panasonic's

So last week I called Panasonic again and was passed to either the same
person with amnesia, or a janitor filling in... he proceeded to tell me
that the other guy was wrong, there was no ROM problem, and it must be
my software. Oh, and by the way, the printer drivers are Microsoft's
responsibility! Take it to a Panasonic Service Center...   Before I had
a chance to tell this guy that I wasn't the only one with the problem,
<CLICK> he was gone.

So, if you own or use a Panasonic KX-P2123 with a color kit, and print
using Microsoft Windows 3.1, could you please e-mail (or post) the
details of your experience... does it work, and if so,  why?  I need
to collect ammunition for a third call to Panasonic...

(In the meantime, if you were planning to purchase a color dot-matrix
printer, I'd advise re-reading the above...)



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