NEC LC890 'no cartridge' error

NEC LC890 'no cartridge' error

Post by John Connolly - IMAGE CONTRO » Mon, 28 Dec 1998 04:00:00

There may not be enough toner, or you could have a false message.

Make sure developer station handle (which you pulled to the right when toner was installed) is closed OK.

Be carefull with a new toner cartrridge that it doesn't overflow.

I'm forwarding this question to the comp.periphs.printers newsgroup, as we have not had this problem in over 600 NEC 800 series
drums remanufactured.

> My NEC Silentwriter LC 890 has a "no cartridge" error when I try to go thru a set-up test or after I try to print. I would very
> much appreciate your help. Is there any way I can over-ride this error message? It just won't print, but there is toner

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