panasonic KX-P2123

panasonic KX-P2123

Post by simeon d garne » Thu, 05 Feb 1998 04:00:00

It worked fine until I upgraded from a 586-133 to a P-166mmx on a hot 569.
Now W95 will not print to it, the power/paper out light is on and I can't
get it off, "it has paper in it". I have went through w95's help program,
reinstaller the printer, checked the coards, and pulled my hair with still
no positive results. Any help apreciated.

thanks sim


1. panasonic KX-P2123

I'm trying to print checks on this printer.  My problem, the checks are 7
inches in length and I do not know how to set the printer for printing the
checks.  It has settings for various lengths, but not the one I need.  Any
help or suggestions would surely be appreciated.

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