PCL-5 Filter for UNIX

PCL-5 Filter for UNIX

Post by Mark Curti » Tue, 29 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Dear All,

I have a friend who has a UNIX host. She has just installed several new
Kyocera (HP Compatible, Non Postscript) printers to service her LAN of
PC's running windows. She has one application running on the UNIX box
which outputs reports in ASCII text which is then passed through a
"filter" which converts the ASCII document to Postscript. for printing.

The new printers don't have Postscript so we are now looking for a PCL=5
filter which gives similar functionality. She wants the filter to set up
the printer for orientation, font, lines/page etc as the Postscript
filter does.

Any help with this would be happily accepted.

Thankyou in advance

Mark Curtis

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