HP Laserjet 5L - black frames

HP Laserjet 5L - black frames

Post by Thomas Marotzk » Sun, 13 Jun 1999 04:00:00

Hello folks,

I recently got an used HP 5L printer (5MB memory). When I
print some pages out of StarOffice 5.1, Netscape/2 or other OS/2
applications, I get a big black border around nearly each page. -
Gives the pages a touch of an obituary notice. Sometimes even
the whole page gets blackened! I'm running Warp 4 w/ Fixpak 10
on PII/350, 128MB and use the the latest (I think) LaserJet driver
v30.682. I also tried the one which gets shipped with Warp.
Furthermore I checked the cable, tried SPP/EPP/ECP settings in
the BIOS (allthough I don't believe these are the cause).

Please, has anyone _any_ suggestion?


1. HP LaserJet 5L prints png images black

I just purchased a HP5L/6L multiple sheet feed kit from
www.fixyourownprinter.com and installed it following the instructions on the
video.  The installation went smoothly, and my HP 5L appeared to be working
fine after I printed out some test pages yesterday.  This morning, I went to
print out a webpage using IE 5.01 with a png type image on it which was
actually a UPS label that I needed to slap onto a box to be mailed out.  I
have printed out similar labels in the past from buy.com, but today, the
label comes out completely black, or very dark grey and the text and zebra
code on the label are heavily obscured.  I have never had this problem
printing out these kinds of labels in the past.  I tried to print out a jpeg
image, also using IE 5.01 just to test it out, and it appeared ok.

I uninstalled the printer drivers (using Windows98SE drivers) and
reinstalled them, but the problem is still there.   Any ideas what may be
causing this?  Did I do something when I took apart the printer yesterday?
I'm not getting any error lights or anything, just these png images coming
in black or dark grey.  Any attempts at adjusting the "graphics" settings on
the printer driver (dpi, dithering, intensity, graphics mode) does not
appear to make much of a difference.

Albert Hwang

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