Directly connect Apple Personal Laserwriter NTR to a Win2k Pro - How?

Directly connect Apple Personal Laserwriter NTR to a Win2k Pro - How?

Post by kmichae » Sat, 03 Nov 2001 01:39:29

I am trying to directly connect an Apple Personal Laserwriter NTR to a
Windows 2000 Professional (SP2) Dell XPS through a serial cable. NO
networking of this printer involved. Appletalk protocol has been
installed on this PC.

MS HCL lists the "Apple Personal LaserWriter NTR v2010.129".

I think I have the correct cable - a standard serial cable, no null
modem funniness or anything like that. Using com port1 or LPT1, jobs
do not print at all after manually installing this printer (O/S does
detect printer as a P'n'P device). The printer printers a self test
after it's powered on. No reponse to a "test print" command under the
printers control panel. I see jobs spooling, then disappear, then

There is a communication setting switch on the printer, but no luck
trying all the positions. Yes, I've seen the article at

One thing I've noticed is that the self test on power up prints
something other than 6 icons with almost no information *only* when
the switch is in position 4. From the above article, that setting has
these values:

(Port Name ,Connect Type, Baud Rate, Parity, Data Bits, Stop Bits,
Flow Control, Protocol Mode):

 Din-8 Serial 1200 None 7 1 XON/XOFF - PS
 RS-232 Serial 1200 None 7 1 XON/XOFF Normal PS
 Parallel Centronic - - - - - Normal PS

any suggestions? I may be missing something basic here.


k michael m at yahoo dot com


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after purchasing a new PC I can't really afford a new laser printer.

1.    I connected the LaserWriter up to the PC using a standard printer
2.    I installed the Apple Personal LaserWriter NTR driver supplied with
3.    I then attempted to print a test page and NOTHING HAPPENED! (The
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4.    I fiddled around with driver settings, installed a couple of different
drivers to see if that would help, but NOPE!
5.    I experimented with the Port number on the back of the printer, but
that didn't help.
6.    I know it works as I've had one of my previous lap tops printing from
this printer.

Can any one help??

Jarrah Hands

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