HP 712c & HP 812c..what's the difference?

HP 712c & HP 812c..what's the difference?

Post by Andrew Rossman » Tue, 18 Jan 2000 04:00:00

> Today at Walmart I put a HP712c in layaway, it was $25 cheaper than tne
> HP812c and the only difference I could tell was the HP812c says it has a
> USB and in parenthesis it said MAC only..

> Do they print the same quality? I do know they take the same refill
> cartridges.

  The 7xx series are host-based printers. They will work ONLY with Windows
drivers. They will not work in MS-DOS mode or Linux. DOS programs running under
Windows 9x may or may not work, depending on how they access the printer. Under
NT, DOS programs will not work, period. They use your computer's CPU to convert
EVERTYHING, even plain text, into low-level graphics. All that graphics data
then has to be dumped across the parallel port to the printer.

  The 8xx series (other than the old 820), are full PCL printers. You can do a
simple print dump to them, even in DOS, or even sometimes during your BIOS
setup. Depending on what you are printing, the driver can simply send plain text
to it, or even program a character set and have it print it. This is much
faster, and there is much less data to send to the printer.

  Finally, be aware that Intel is pushing very hard to eliminate 'legacy' ports
from computers. This means parallel, serial, keyboard and mouse ports. The only
connections would be USB and possibly 100-BaseT ethernet. There are already some
of these computers out, and they will become common within a year or so.

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